I get calls  from actresses/actors who want me to create a demo reel for them but  they have no existing footage, and say:

" I thought maybe you could shoot me in a scene or something.”

Demo reel

A demo reel is a carefully selected and edited montage of an actor’s work as a performer in film, TV, or other video productions.
What makes an effective demo reel? An effective demo reel will be a minute to a minute and a half long and will have three or four clips from different projects. It features your performances, nothing else. Agents and casting directors looking at a reel only want to know what your heat level is as a performer something they are very good at discerning if they have decent material to judge by.
 Any video production service that offers to shoot online auditions can create this for you, and rates are generally very reasonable.
I create such showcase videos.
When a casting notice asks you to submit a video along with your headshot/resume – and most of them do – this is what they’re hoping to see.