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Admission fee for this course is $10


Demo Reel

Most actresses and actors have a demo reel to sell themselves to casting directors.

Choosing the right scenes for your demo reel and assembling them correctly can help you land a dream audition.


Casting directors want you to have footage. It doesn't matter if your footage is professional or not – they just want to know what you look and sound like on camera, and whether you can act.

But what if your reel is among other’s high-quality reels - in terms of sound, cinematography, editing, color correction/ grading, and elegant titles - reels?


Maybe your chance becomes a little bit/ or significantly lower?


I can help you!


A three minutes reel from scratch, in case you don’t have previous work, you need to have more scenes in your reel or you wished to play a certain scene from a famous movie, we can create all of that together!

I do that for you at a very reasonable price.


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